Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Learning English as a second language

Nowadays English is very important to master. As we can see in the real life situation, Indonesian are required to have English skill at least the basic English. English becomes important because of its usage that is as an international language. Many of Indonesian are not able to have an activities outside Indonesia -for example touring abroad- because most of Indonesian have a simple life. They do not have enough money to go abroad. But English is still important for them.

English is not only used outside Indonesia. We can find English everywhere because it is not only spoken but also written. All the modern devices that are imported from the other country must be used English as the general user guide, for example a computer,a mobilephone, a television,etc. It will be an advantage if people master English. As the result, they will know how to use those devices maximally.

Here there are some tips to learn English as second language:
  1. motivate yourself.
  2. I have ever heard a wise word “ you are what you think, if you think you can, you will success, if you think you cannot, you will fail”. Please be confident when learning english. Although I see that many Indonesian learner is afraid of learning English but don't be doubt to learn it.
  3. Try to love English
  4. the simple mindset that we have to apply in learning English is liking English. You can start by learning English from music. You may hear an English song and please pay attention to the lyric. I am sure that you will like it.
  5. Learn with your friends
  6. practice your English with your friends, family even foreign tourist coming to your country. For alternative choice, you can chat with another person using English in Internet. You can also practice your English by yourself
  7. Watching English movies
  8. Especially America, England, Australia because those country have different pronunciation of each words that we have to learn.

those are some tips from me. I think it just a little things than easily you can do. So don't be worry to try it. Banzai.............


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