Friday, January 25, 2008

teaching English as second language to children

According to the teaching subject I've learned in my university, I can see that there are many things to do in teaching children. it means that the teacher will need more activities to encourage students in learning.

In the warming up session, the teacher is required to make his children feel comfortable, fun and relax. but he have to keep students, bring the students, or introduce students to the material we will teach. the teacher can give them games, song or other activities.

if the warming up session is run well so, the teacher will more easily in presenting his material. the material is intended to children learning English as second language, therefore teacher should give material step by step, teacher gives enough material in every single English lesson he has. when presenting his material, teacher should relax and be friendly with the children. it is so difficult to do especially for me. I think I need some confidence to make me success in teaching. beside that, the teacher should modeling his students using text, picture or something that make the children easily understand the lesson. the other important things is about the exercise. teacher can add some exercise during the presentation.

The next is about join construction of the field. students need to practices their skill. in this session students are allowed having discussion with their friend. the teacher may ask them to make a group consist of some students and to do an assignment. the teacher takes a big role here. he has to supervise and guide his students in doing their assignment. After this session end the teacher can give his students a individual progress test and close the lesson with review.


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