Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mess in the general Election of Indonesian Government

By Azys Syaiful Anwar

On the previous Month, Indonesia has general election aimed to choose several functionaries who are able and qualified enough to sit in Indonesian Legislative assembly. In spite of this, the significant changes also happen in the system of general election which leads to the public confusion. People have to set up their voice for their favorite candidates which are offered by many political parties. Can you imagine about 33 political parties attempting to obtain voices as many as possible and those political parties has approximately five candidates which may not familiar to the most of Indonesian, especially villager.

Moreover, people are forced to choose candidates that they do not even know. Considering this phenomenon, people need to be clever electors who are actively search for information and studying the characteristic of the candidates. However, In Indonesia most of electors do not care about that. They tend to be interested to the candidates who just show up their service during the campaign session. Besides, some of them are attracted by several artist, celebrities or public figures that look for another job before they lost their popularity.

The most shocking news comes from MUI (Association of Indonesian Muslim Scholar) which issues a ‘fatwa’ (a binding ruling related to the religious matters) to have Indonesian Muslim participate in the general election, it means that Muslim who do not take a part in this event take a wrong way. In my opinion, the decision whether participating to the general election or not is our private right and anyone should respect to it. Besides, democracy in Indonesia is still being a big question to several Muslim.

Another problem met in the general election 2009 is the name list of the electors which is not well organized. Some of Indonesian who is qualified to be an elector is not registered. In reverse, some of died people are still listed as the electors. This is an urgent problem which needs to be highlighted. The general election result may cause several controversy which lead to many friction between political parties.

All the issues which emerge during general election-April 9, 2009- prove that Indonesian general election is not good enough. Government need to pay bigger attention to repair their election system considering election is about choose a leader which directly affects our state destiny.


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