Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Violence in Indonesian School

By Azys Syaiful Anwar
May 5, 2009

Recently, violence is not only happened in the street but also in the school environment in Indonesia. Some violence cases done by irresponsibility teachers, such as a teacher from East Java which slaps his students without worrying the students’ psychological condition, emerge as one of education problems in Indonesia. Besides, violence also occurs in the students’ sphere. However, violence is not the proper way to be applied in the teaching and learning process. It is against both the teachers’ ethic code and human rights.
Violence, especially done by some teachers, may be related to the form of punishment used to straighten up the discipline attitude of students. In some cases, students will get a physical punishment related to their negative behavior. Moreover, some teachers without doubt hit or slap their students which do not obey the rule. Besides, certain teachers which do not realize and respect to their profession have negative motive and tend to be a criminal motive, such as: sexual insult, grudge and teachers’ private problems which is blamed to their students, when do violence to their students. Teachers which has main role to transfer knowledge and educate their students have to give positive guidance and education to their students not a negative attitude which is represented by doing violence behavior to their students.

A teacher done violence to his students for discipline reason

In addition, violence is not only done by teachers but also students. Certain shocking news reported on the students’ violence, such as gang fight, sexual insult, and looting, can be a warning for the government and every single educational institution to create a healthy education system. Some students’ violence may implicit in several school programs, for example in the school orientation programs. The lack of school programs monitoring can create a chance for the senior students to depress the junior students. In a state educational institution in Indonesia which is known as STPDN (Sekolah Tinggi Pemerintahan Dalam Negri), for example, senior freely kick and hit their junior for discipline motive, even in some cases resulting to the homicide case. Government need to take a bigger to this educational problem which is increasing year by year.
Violence in an educational environment can be caused by many reasons. One of them is the lack of awareness of human right. People are born with the same right. Likewise, they have to respect to others without considering their status. Besides, to enhance the quality of Indonesia education system, government can be actively monitoring the educational dilemma and several phenomenons occurred in the educational environment and try to find the best solution to solve it.

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