Thursday, September 24, 2009

Entrepreneurship for a better future part II

By Azys Syaiful Anwar
A desperate man writes a letter to one of private television company in Indonesia asking for help to publish information that he wants to sell his kidney. The man is considered suffering hard depressive condition since he does not get a job for a long time. The man named Ahmad, not his real name, has a reason to do this risky act. He wants to get some money that he can use to make his family happy.
This man had left his wife and child for some years to get a job in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Since there are many difficulties in looking for job, he never gets one. Jakarta which is a metropolis city of Indonesia is always being a destination for some job seekers all around Indonesia. However, this city also offers many problems because there are many inhabitants living here. Many new comers of Jakarta trapped in poverty and cannot go back to their homeland.
Poverty which also becomes Ahmad’s problem enforces Ahmad and turns his mentality down. He finally finds an irrational idea to sell his kidney for some money. However, he meets difficulties to publish his desire and then he decides to write to a private television institution. He wants to find someone who needs his kidney.
Regarding to Ahmad’s problem, we can see that some people may still has mindset that becoming an employee is the only financial problem solver. Ahmad even does not find other ways out besides selling his kidney. If he really sells his kidney, will he really get better life? One of main speaker of the interactive talk show TV program with Ahmad said that someone who is rarely gets much money usually has big desire to spend those money for shopping rather than manages those money for something profitable, for example starting a business.
A doctor who is also attends the talk show program tells that transferring kidney is not easy procedure. The process of legal kidney transfer is very complex and expensive. Besides, losing the kidney will also affect the health condition of a person. How if Ahmad gets more money while he will also get health problem? Will his family be happy for that? I think Ahmad need to consider this.
This problem also can be a proof that we really need to obtain entrepreneurship and leadership to face the real life. Hopefully, government will consider providing some programs that educate people to be independent, skillful and having Entrepreneurship mindset. Thus, people will have ability and bravery to make their own business and be able to get proper life.


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