Sunday, September 6, 2009

Entrepreneurship for a better future

By Azys Syaiful Anwar

Recently, the number of job vacancy in Indonesia is less than the number of Indonesian that may increase the unemployment problem. Besides, there are many Indonesian getting a lot of problems to get a job because of their education status. Most of Indonesian may only be graduated from High school even elementary school. However, the problem of finding jobs is also frightening Indonesian having higher education status, for example: scholar or academician degree holder. It means there is something wrong with Indonesian education system. That is the lack of leadership and Entrepreneurship taught in the schools or universities.

Indonesian education system guides people to be an employee and does not train them to be an employer. As a result, people think that having job as an employee is better than having their own business. Moreover, employees, such as state institution workers and private institution workers have higher social status in the community. They may be considered having proper life because of their job. In reverse, this mindset brings people, especially for those having higher education, to be idealist in looking for a job. They feel shame when do not obtain perfect job and become jobless during seeking for a job. Then, how about Indonesian with lower education status? Most of them may work as labors or servants even they go abroad to be labors or servants in the other countries.

From the entrepreneurship seminary which I attended about three months ago, I acquired information that there were about 70% senior high school graduates in US in 2007 decide to start their own business. Meanwhile, there were about 74.000 university graduates in Indonesia become unemployed. Unemployment is a big problem that leads Indonesian economies becoming worse. People need to change their mindset. Job is not the only way to reach success. People can also be an entrepreneur for their own success by starting a business. People can begin from a small business even with a fore thought people can launch bigger business using less money.

Basically, everyone can be a successful entrepreneur who is able to create and develop a business in the right way. An entrepreneur must have entrepreneurship and leadership spirit. Those are able to find opportunities and stand up to some challenges. It does not mean that an entrepreneur is brave to take a risk without any plan or preparation, but an entrepreneur must be able to make a proper plan in running a business. There are three principle of Entrepreneurship:
  • Excellent, trying to be the best.
  • Innovation, having capability to create something new.
  • Anticipation, having capability to anticipate the alteration and having vision to see the opportunities in the future.
Thereby, Entrepreneurship is the most important factor to create the real entrepreneurs who are independent and able to support the national economies condition. To be an entrepreneur, people need to apply the mindset of an entrepreneur, they are creative-innovative, able to find opportunities and stand up to some challenges.


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