Saturday, February 13, 2010

Easy to use dictionary, KAMUS 2.03

Kamus 2.03 is an English – Indonesian/ Indonesian – English dictionaries which provides you not only the literal translation of a word, but also the phrase containing the word you’ve typed. This small size software must be useful in our daily English/Indonesian learning. We can find the words meaning in seconds. Besides, we also get the phrase suggestion in the same time.

Just have a look at Kamus 2.03 screen shoot below:

From the picture, you can see that it is easy and simple to use the dictionaries. You can typed the word you want to translate in the provided column, Just click ‘find’ and you’ll get some words and phrases related to the word you’ve typed. 
The upper column (signed with red circle) shows you the word meaning and the bottom circle (signed with blue circle) indicates the word meaning if it is used in the phrases. You can try this dictionary by downloading through the link below. 


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