Friday, April 9, 2010

Writing activity

Writing is such a good activity to increase students mastery of English. Since writing demands a lot of aspects, such as vocabulary, grammatical form of sentences and also the ability of creating a paragraph, it really effective for student to enhance their ability especially their skill in grammar and vocabulary. 

In Indonesia, teaching through genre of text is now being applied. However, there are some teachers that think teaching writing skill is very difficult and the students don’t have the ability of writing at all. The only thing that should be remembered is never underestimating your student ability. 

Teachers actually can create a better learning atmosphere by creating some fun teaching and learning activities. It doesn’t always activity that makes students laugh, but it is more about how teachers attract students with the lesson. The key is keep students to be active. There are some activities to make an interactive writing class that can be explained below: 

Writing game: ADD THE TEXT 
This game is intended for groups’ discussion. First of all, teachers need to divide the class into some groups, and then choose a leader for each group. The game is very simple but will be helpful to enhance students’ ability. The rule is the first student or the leader is asked to write 3- 5 sentences with one specific topic given by teacher. 

The next step, the leader gives the text to another student and asks him to read the text carefully and then write 3 – 5 sentence related to the topic. To make this activity run successfully, teacher should use a material that was discussed before. This activity can be an alternative way to make your students active and enjoy the lesson. 

Write about the pictures

I have ever practiced this simple game. Teacher only needs to prepare a group of pictures (for example: animal pictures, or you can search the pictures on the text book) for the students. Teacher divides the class into some groups. Teachers ask the groups to make a simple description of each picture they like. Then, teacher asks the each representative of the group to read the description in the class. When the students read each of the description, the other students give response by telling what he describes. However, the group members that are being represented by their friend are not allowed to guess the description. The descriptions that are clear and get more response from their friends are better.

That’s all about some writing activities that teacher takes to encourage students learn more. If you have another ideas, you can write comments below. .


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