Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love, what is that?

Talking about love may be interesting for some people. This freak feeling is very popular in the teenager world. They think that love is intended to a feeling of a girl and boys. Actually every one must have that things in their deep heart. This is love that will make the world run in peace. Why it can be happened?because love are about.........

A person will do anything for something he likes or he/she will do something that he/she likes. If each people all over the world like to live together in this lovely land called earth, There will be no more war fighting for land,oil or anything else.

Own in a love means that each people are owning each other. It means that they live in a social life. It is impossible for a man to live without others help.

You will receive vast beneficial effect of having your love. You will get peace, friends even a date and other things that make you happy.

People will be encouraged to doing something well to their family, friends and other if there are so much love in their heart.

Those are all about love. It just my opinion. I have thinking about it last night and just post it today.


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