Thursday, January 17, 2008

Recount text.

This is kind of writing that used to tell our past experience. Recount is used when we write our diary, news or may be article you will post to a blogger. Recount consists of three parts. There are orientation, sequence of event and reorientation

Recount begin with orientation that inform the reader about the doer in the event, what happened, the date and place. This parts is used to give the reader a general information about what we have wrote.

The second part is the sequence of event. We have to write a recount text chronologically based on the fact happened. You have to write recount in past time. Beside that you will always need to add some temporal conjunction to make your article written well.

The last parts you have to apply is reorientation. You can summarize the event and give your personal comment on your writing text.

Example of a recount:

A Trip to Bali

Last week, I and my family had a tour to Bali. We went to that beautiful island by a plane. During the journey we slept on the plane. The plane is take off from Soekarno-Hatta airport at 06.00 a.m and we arrived there for about 09.00 a.m. Although it just three days, it was very nice.

First day in Bali, we reserved in a big luxurious hotel. We enjoy a beautiful scenery with a nice lunch. When the sun almost going down, We went to Sanur beach and enjoy a very beautiful sunset.

The next day, we enjoyed Kuta beach which is as beauty as sanur beach. There are so many foreign tourist so sometimes I practiced my English with them. I thought they like to visit Bali. After visiting Kuta, we went back to the hotel to take a rest. On the next morning, we went home.

This would be my lovely holiday because I and my family rarely have a vacation in a sane time. I enjoy the tour very much.


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