Friday, January 18, 2008

Teaching English to children

English is the main part of the world. This is an important communication device that will bring us around the world. How it can be? English is mostly used in most of big countries that have big influence in the global economic.

Indonesia is a developing country that still face many problems need to apply this language in their children education curriculum. English is not popular to the Indonesian. Most of them do not aware that English is very important for their future. Based on my experience as a student in Indonesian school, I can see that there are many Indonesian learners afraid of studying English.

Nowadays, government has determined English as the main things to learn. When I was sitting in the elementary school there is no English material as we can found now. This can be a good progress for the Indonesia’s education system.

Learning is much better in the young age. A man was born with a natural ability in learning. Since people born, they get a brain that regulates all part of their body. People also have an intelligence that brings them to be the perfect creature have ever made by God.

In learning language, people naturally have Language Acquisition device, such as eyes, ears, mouth and of course their brain. People are learning their mother tongue when they involved in their society. How is about learning the second language? People will be more effectively learning second language, in this case English in the early age. In the early age, a man is still has a fresh brain, just like a blank paper, on that paper we can write any thing on it.

There will be difficult to teach English to children. Teacher have to master special skill in attract the kids attention. There are some tips to teach English to the students:

Manage the students.
An early age students still has a simple opinion about something. If they see colorful things, they will think that it is a toys although actually it is a dangerous things. It is important for the teacher to maintain and supervise students. In the managing a child teacher should be better used a persuasive method. Ignore to give them instruction with an anger voice.

Win the students attention
Teacher may use some additional material such as picture, song or game. This will be more interesting for children to learn with playing rather than give them the material directly.

Be patient
Teaching children is not easy as we teach a teenager. Teacher needs a good strategy to send our lesson to the students. Teacher can start by encourage students in the warming up and please be patient in facing the child behavior.

There are simple tips that I can write. Actually, I still learn the best way in teaching young learner. You can send me some suggestion to my opinion about what I have read. Thanks for reading.


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