Thursday, September 17, 2009

The art of writing and speaking the English Language

An eBook written by Sherwin Cody

The mastery of language is important for our success in life. For sellers, for example, they won’t sell anything if they can’t describe the advantages of their goods or when they’re not able to write an interesting advertisement using effective English (Cody, 2006: 8). Therefore, it is clear that good language mastery will lead us to success.

Language is a medium of communication. Language is merely a medium for thoughts, emotions, the intelligence of a finely wrought brain, and a good mind will make far more out of a bad medium than a poor mind will make out of the best ( Cody, 2006: 8). It is very useful to make a relationship, improve the networking, and communicate in the society.

In this eBook you can learn many things related to writing and speaking skill. The first one, this book provide you the word study, including the study of spelling, the mastery of irregular words, and the mastery of regular words.

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