Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Constructing a good English lesson plan

By Azys Syaiful Anwar

Teachers need to arrange a set of activity before they’re going to teach the students. Teachers may write or just take the points of their plan in the mind. There are some important matters of writing a simple English lesson plan:

First of all, teachers need to choose suitable topic by looking up the topic from their syllabus, for example: animals, colors, Alphabets or fruits. Then, teachers have to specify the skill that they’re taught whether it is writing, speaking, listening or reading skill. Next, they can set allotted time for a teaching session. Don’t forget to set the objectives or goals of the lesson.

Whom do they teach? Do they teach young learner or adult? It is important to determine the teaching method. Since young learner and adult have different characteristic, they need different treatment in language teaching. Young learners are quickly acquiring the lesson if there are no pressures in the teaching process. Besides, they have more energy not only for learning but also other activity. However, they enjoy fun and interesting language learning. Meanwhile, adults are mature and able to attend a course in convenience.

After teachers finish writing the topic, allotted time, level and objective, they can start to write their teaching activities. The first one is warming up session. In this session, teachers can do brainstorming to students by asking several questions related to the topic. This intends to introduce the topic to students indirectly. After that, teachers can explain their objectives of their lesson.

The second part of lesson plan is the presentation session. In this session teacher give complete explanation about their lesson. Teachers can use a text which specific genre to give a proper modeling. From the text, teachers can elucidate some new vocabulary to students. Besides, teacher needs to give details information about the language feature used in the text. Then, teachers have to assess students understanding level by creating certain exercises related to the modeling session.

If the students completely understand what the teachers taught, teachers can continue to the next session. That is joint construction or group exercise. Teachers can ask student to do an exercises in a group. Then, there is an interaction between students. It can help students to learn from their friends.

After students complete their group assignment, they can now ready to face individual assessment. Teachers can give them home works.

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