Saturday, September 12, 2009

Homeschooling, the alternative way of study

By Azys Syaiful Anwar 
In Indonesia, homeschooling becomes one of many options in educating children. There are some reasons to pick homeschooling as the alternative way of learning. First, some parents may feel unsatisfied with school curriculum which may not fulfill their children talent. Besides, they also think that they are ready to educate children in the house. For example, People living in big city and out of country usually decide on homeschooling to educate their children.

Parents and other family members take an important part of the implementation of homeschooling. They need to create fun and creative learning atmosphere that supports children to study. As a result, children’s talent can maximally develop as what parents expected. Besides, homeschooling also provides significant learning process, because it is integrated to the daily activities and have flexible learning time.

In addition, parents have to aware that their role is as the facilitator. They can take children as their friends. Likewise, they shall not act arrogantly to children. Actually, children love to play, so parents shall not easily blame their childish attitude. Parents can create activities related to the learning material to reduce children useless actions.

Another essential thing to know is that parents need to transfer more knowledge to children. However, parents do not need to master all the learning material, such as English, Mathematic or Physics. They can ask Tutor to teach their children. It will be better than parents force to teach children without proper knowledge. Nevertheless, parents have to make time for their children. In the other word, parents cannot hand all the teaching responsibility to the Tutor.

Finally, when children complete their homeschooling program, they can attend ‘Paket A’ (or, equal with elementary school) or Paket B (equal with Junior high school) examination test as the learning assessment of homeschooling program. Besides, they can join formal school for evaluation process.


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