Friday, September 11, 2009

Teaching reading to children

  1. The best time to teach children

It is essential to note that children with younger age will be better to learn something. They are able to acquire many new things. When children reach one year old or less, parents can start to teach; even parents may begin to teach them since they still infants. Parents usually speak as they have conversation to their infants. Through this way, parents can stimulate infants’ hearing sense. Besides, parents also can use picture to teach.

Another important thing is the parents or children mood. Parents must not teach if they have bad mood. Likewise, if children have bad mood, parents shall not force them to learn. Bad mood can be caused by fatigue, problems, stress, etc. Parents can postpone their lesson until the situation going better.

  1. How long you can teach your kids.

The duration of teaching kids is also important. Can you imagine if your kids feel bored with your lesson? Children dislike something serious. They enjoy something fun, such as games, pictures, and other activities. To teach them, parents can arrange a fun concise activity, for example game. The activity has to take a short duration, and parents must stop before children asking to end the lesson.

  1. The method of teaching children

The first thing you need to do is teaching children the alphabet. As discussed above, children dislike serious learning. Parents can create fun activity in teaching alphabet, such as using alphabet song. Then, parents will be able to teach them combined alphabet to form a word, for example e-g-g. In this session, children are taught how to spell a word. When parents read a story to children, they can also ask their children to read a simple word in the book. Parents may choose the short simple word, then longer word.


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