Saturday, September 26, 2009

‘Meraih Mimpi’, an Educative Animation Movie for Children.

After ‘laskar Pelangi’ and ‘Denias, Senandung di atas Awan’, I am interested in ‘Meraih Mimpi’, the first musical animation movie in Indonesia. This movie is an impressive animation movie which provides some morality education, such as tolerance and spirit of reaching the expectation. The movie setting is in a village and forest of Batam island which is also settled by various specific Indonesian animals.
The story is about Dana (cast: Gita Gutawa) who is forced to follow patriarchies tradition and also the domination of the land lord who burdens her family even all the villagers with expensive land tax. In fact, the land lord, Pairot (cast: Surya Saputra), has implicit goal to chase the villagers away of his land. He wants to build a hotel and casino there. However, Dana cannot let this happening and attempts to win scholarship competition to continue her study. She needs proper education to fight against Pairot’s plan. Together with some jungle animals and her brother, Rai (cast: Patton “idola cilik”), Dana is not only successfully achieve the scholarship but also finds the real identity of Pairot.
Meraih Mimpi’ which provides a story about a girl and her family which care about animals and environments, hopefully, can be a positive inspiration to many children, especially Indonesian kids. This movie also emphasizes on the gender equality which demands the same right between women and men. Through some messages implied here, children will obtain some valuable morality education which is really necessary for them.


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