Monday, October 12, 2009

Hunting a job to be a state professional teacher through State Teacher Test Examination (CPNS)

Formerly, teacher, in Indonesia, is really a profession which only offers less of financial welfare. Many people choose another job to get a better life. In the contrary, now teacher is a profession which supports the financial condition, even it will be better than becoming an employee in a private institution. Besides, there is also teacher certification program that accommodate the wealth of a certified teacher. Through certification program, a teacher may obtain higher monthly salary with additional profession subsidy. Because of that, many people compete each other to be the state professional teachers and hope to get a better life.
The real and clear example of this competition is can be seen in several universities. There are many students take a concentration in the teaching field. The big number of students in the teaching training and education faculty also expects to be state teacher in the future. Therefore, can you imagine how many people competing to be a state teacher? Since the tight competition in this area, people need to prepare themselves if they want to reach their expectation. They should work harder and let God decide the best for them.
Actually to be a state teacher, people can also take a different ways or without attending CPNS test. They can be practice teaching (Wiyata Bakti) first and wait for the profession elevation to be state professional teacher. It may take a very long time and during that time, the candidate of state teacher may live with some financial troubles. The practice teacher salary earns less money than state teacher. However, they can reach a better future if they patiently wait and loyal to do their job.
Through CPNS test, people need to beat their competitors which may reach hundreds of people. They need extra preparation to get their expectation. Although, I’m not interested enough in attending this test now, I will share some information about CPNS test to you. I use many times to browse and finding some material related to CPNS test. Here there are the results. You can easily download it via Ziddu. Check this out!


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nice posting, emang perlu sih mandiri kali ya dalam bekerja

NURA October 16, 2009 at 12:16 AM  

salam friend
nice info
I know professional teacher trough state teacher test examination..
coz read your article.
thank for information.

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