Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tips to teach children about animals

Children usually have higher curiosity than adult do. They use their time to learn something new. They can learn from their surrounding. The most important, we can help them to learn by supporting them. We can be a good facilitator in learning. In this writing, I would like to give some tips about how to introduce children to animals. There are some option which may help you:
Story telling.
The first and easiest way of teaching children about animal is using a story. The story must be a fable which provides a lot of moral value. You can choose a story book with colorful animal characters to attract your children's interest. However, the most important thing is your ability in conveying the story. You can be a funny and silly person when reading the story. It may entertain your kids and stimulate them to laugh. Through this way, children will automatically received more information about animals.
This is considered as the most common way of introducing animals. Pictures is the representation of the real animal. You can just show the picture and start to introduce your children to the animals shown through pictures. However, you can also create some activities for your children, such as, drawing or coloring the animal pictures.
Visiting a zoo.
Visiting zoo may the perfect solution of introducing children to animals. This accommodates children to see and recognize the animal directly. Besides, your children won't be bored because they are involved in the real world of animals. They are not only able to learn the animals' name but also the animals behavior and other animals' characteristics.
Those tips above is just my opinion which can be a reference in guiding your children learning about animals. If you plan any other activities, please consider the animals' characteristic as the main resources of your method in introducing children to animals. However, I hope that tips will help you. :)


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