Thursday, December 31, 2009

Three days for annually meeting

Just two days ago, I attended a very important meeting in Tawangmangu, Karanganyar, Indonesia. In that special occasion, we discussed many things related to the evaluation of whole institution output. Some division (such as marketing, academic, technical and human resources) had to give their report to the director as the owner of the company.

Academic division, which is included me as a member, also need to report all the works in a year. However, we still need times to make internal meetings to improve our quality in the performance. Besides, we also meet with other division to enhance our teamwork and to avoid miscommunication.

from left to right: Yudi, Azys, Dimas, Ali

The most important things which may not be forgot was the three days living in a comfortable hotel in the top of Karanganyar. Since, the hotel wasn't far from the Grojogan Sewu waterfall, it provided a fresh and clear air. It also helped us, especially instructor, to refresh their mind after teaching the whole semester (about six month).


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