Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Learning by Doing

Learning is the process of acquiring new knowledge. People may actively search for the material by self or join some courses to get the skill. Learning also can be defined as the effort of developing ability, understanding and attitude to make a new or just change the habit. On the learning process, people may involved their brain and body combined to produce new ability.

Most of people like to passively obtain new knowledge by put theory as the first priority. Therefore, they can only know the theory without any proper skill to use it in the real world. For example: the language learner who are focused on the gramatical matter. They may great in writting formall essay. However, can he apply his language mastery to communicate to the nattive speaker? Do they pronounce the word well?

To master any skill, people really need to make what they learnt as a habit. People who are learning English have to speak English frequently and people who are learning computer have to practice their computer literary everyday to keep even improve their mastery. This term can be said as 'learning by doing'. It involves the activity of our brain and body, so it will enhance our ability gradually.

Applying learning by doing may be resulted in the direct feedback, whether it is success in the learning process or failing. Through this way, people may know some factors encouraging them to do mistakes. They can learn more variable factor in the real application rather than learning the theory.

Learning by doing is importan for us and it demands the learner to do what they learnt. This is a very powerful method to enhance our mastery of the skill. In the learning process, it involves the body and brain to work toghether, so it is considered to be more effective to change a habit.


Osi February 18, 2010 at 6:35 PM  

berkunjung malam, tks dah sudi mampir

Mizan February 19, 2010 at 7:01 PM  

yes..!! definitly the best way for me.. Can u describe about what kind of people could learn this way like I do... ^^

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