Monday, February 15, 2010

Improve your English using Cafe English

Learning English can be difficult for the foreign English learner. To master English, we are not only demanded to memorize the structure or the grammatical feature of the language but also how to apply it in the real world.

People certainly do not speak English in the formal situation. They also need it to communicate in the informal community, such as neighborhood, group of friends, etc. They have to master English speaking skill as well as their native languages.

There are many ways of mastering English skill. However, the most effective one is practicing English everyday. You can start to speak English as a habit. If you don't have any media to practice your English. You can ask your friends to make an English speaking group.But, if you think that it doesn't effective, you may try an English learning-aid software called CAFE ENGLISH.

This is a software focused on the speaking skill. It provides you 40 chapters which contains interesting topics. Besides, there are also listening, pronunciation and grammatical exercises. You don't need to worry of the English certain dialects. CAFE ENGLISH uses international English as the main language.
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