Sunday, February 28, 2010

Expensive cost for ‘High Quality’ Education in Indonesia

The only question in my mind now is how much money I should spend to continue to study in the university. The answer is million rupiahs. It isn’t affordable price for me who only earn less than amount that I should pay. In Indonesia, education is now being expensive and it seems growing to be a business. Although, I plan to study in a state university, I still have a challenge not only to graduate from the subjects, but also fulfill the administration requirement. 

The only reason that leads this problem is the conversion of the university from the state property to be state corporation (BHMN). Formerly, government gives subsidy to pay the operation cost of the university, then through this conversion, government stops the subsidy and let each university regulating their own policy in acquiring operation fee. As a result, University increases the study cost and burden it to the students. 

“…mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa, dan melaksanakan ketertiban dunia…” 

In the opening of constitution of Indonesia at the 4th paragraph (as cited above), it is clearly said that one of Indonesia goal is to educate their citizen. How if education becoming expensive? Does it mean education is only provided for the rich? Indonesia is listed as one of the poor country in the world. How about them, should they stop achieving formal education? 

Since the state corporation status applied to Indonesian universities, the chance for most of the poor students to learn in a state university (considered to be better than ‘cheaper cost private university’) is lower. Moreover, to study in a high quality private university is also as expensive as studying in a state university. 

Government should remember education is the principal right of the citizen. I have ever heard that government allocated 20% of the State Expenditure. It’s not a little amount and hopefully it can be appropriately used to accommodate the Education.


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xar_asbir July 25, 2010 at 7:17 PM  

Seems like my comment will be the first real comment. Whew you need to clean up the spams. :)

Anyways, getting to the issue. I'm an Indonesian living in the Philippines. I know, back in Indo education is just ridiculous. And what's worse is they just don't have quality standard.

I left Indo in 2001 after the crisis hit our family so badly. My dad decided to transfer the whole family here with education as one of the factor.

I can give you a comparison. I just graduated from a University which ranks 3rd in the country. And you know how much do we have to spend every semester? Roughly US$400.

Really, I just don't understand why Universities in our country have to be that expensive. Well, we don't have high rise buildings here, but we do have beautifully arranged campus with 300 (yes, 300+) acacias.

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