Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wanhar Umar, A hero of Education

If there is a school headmaster who only graduates from elementary school, it must be Wanhar Umar. He is a headmaster and also the only teacher for the students of SD Dusun III Langsatan. It is an elementary school located in Muaraenim District, Indonesia. 

Wanhar had taught at the school since he was 14 years. He had taught his students for about 32 years. “This school has been established since 1971, and I started to teach when I graduated from elementary school in 1976” he said. The SD III Langsatan was belong to a private institution.

In 1985, Wanhar did not only taught, the six classes of the elementary school but also be the school headmaster that organizing the school administration. He is a noble teacher who only focused to the student’s education. He just thought the best for their students.

Since his big contribution to the children education, he achieved an award from an Indonesian TV show, Kick Andy. Wanhar obtained ‘Kick Andy Heroes 2009’ and got ten million rupiahs. After this event, the formal education of Langsatan Village reached the Muaraenim district government attention. The government was considering to change the elementary school status from the private to be a state school.


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