Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Basic understanding of TOEFL

Azys Syaiful Anwar

TOEFL which stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language held to measure the ability of non-native speaker of English. This test is usually employed as the main requirement to enter a university, getting scholarship or to fulfill the job requirement. People may need to pass the minimum TOEFL score if they want to be accepted to study in a university, especially in America.  
According to Wikipedia, TOEFL score is between 310 (minimum score) and 677 (maximum score) regarding to PBT (paper-based test). However, the minimum TOEFL score is determined by the related institution. Different Universities may set different minimum TOEFL score.
TOEFL accommodate to test the main English Skill, they are reading, speaking, listening and writing. The test may take approximately three hours. So, be wise in using time while doing the test. Here are the detail information about parts of TOEFL:

Reading. In this section, there are twelve to fourteen questions. The duration to finish this test is approximately 60 or 100 minutes. This test provides texts with some topics and you need to answer the text detail, main idea, information whether it is implicitly or explicitly written.

Listening. In this section, there are five to six questions which need to be done in about sixty to ninety minutes. Listening test is about understanding conversation. Then, you need to be more careful in doing the test. Listen and find the keyword is the main success tips for you.

Speaking. This section consists of six tasks and approximately takes twenty minutes. This test may measure your ability in responding to some expression.

Writing. You may get two tasks in this part and have to finish doing this task in 55 minutes. This test will grate your ability in English writing and demand you to be able write academic topics writing or even depend your opinion.

          Since TOEFL is very important in the world wide, especially for them who are not born to speak English as mother tongue, we need complete preparation before attending TOEFL test. You can start to join language course for TOEFL or just teach your self by reading book or internet resources. Moreover, to get more skill in writing you can also try to write something, writing blog post for example..he..he..

Posted on: October 20, 2009
Reading: wikipedia.com


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